first cut 2014 in the books

Although we ourselves are not growing any hay this year, most of our neighbors are.  It’s been fun seeing everyone out cutting, raking, baling and making fresh new stacks!  Just the other day the hay field outside my window was cut and that fresh cut hay smell came wafting in thru the windows.  Absolutely heavenly!  makin'hay-0189 makin'hay-0200 makin'hay-0213
Some of the best hay in North America is grown right here in the Columbia Basin, with the majority of it being sold for export to Japan.  Over half of the hay grown in the State of Washington is grown between four counties within the Basin.  With anywhere between 153 and 184 frost free days in this part of South Eastern Washington and excellent irrigation systems, it’s no wonder growers are yielding as much as 10 tons/acre!

Although we have been quite fortunate in not having much rainfall to speak of during this part of the season some hay has been stacked a touch wet and we’ve had some friends of the family lose a stack to a fire.  Luckily nobody was injured and I sincerely hope all of our local farmers continue to be safe and smart so that accidents like a hay stack fire don’t happen again.  After-all, it’s a lot of work for nothing!

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