nothing more amazing than summer nights spent with family

My most favorite memories from growing are those hot summer nights, when everyone is done their work for the day and we would just spend time in each other’s company, goofing around, shooting the breeze and enjoying being able to just be ourselves!  Now as a photographer, I just love getting to freeze some of those moments for other families.  Spending a couple of hours with families, encouraging them to just be themselves and have fun so those memories can hang on their walls and maybe when their having a rough day, the laughter in those images can bring a smile to their faces when they need it most.
My hubby and I took a trip down to visit with our friends Kyle, Lela and their two children and we spent some time as the sun was setting on a beautiful June evening in Eastern Washington on their newly acquired property, exploring and snapping a few photos along the way.  Have a peak!

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