Ladies Christmas Tea 2014

A year ago our little family started attending the Othello Nazarene Church.  It was just around Christmas time and there was all this buzz about the “Ladies Christmas Tea.”
A part of me thought “I should go to this, I could meet so many new people” then another part of me thought “drinking tea with a bunch of older ladies isn’t really my thing…”  So I never went and now a year later I discovered that I truly did miss out!

It turns out there really isn’t much tea involved in the “Ladies Christmas Tea” but instead: a delicious meal served by a committed team of men, fellowship with wonderful women in our community, a little bit of entertainment provided by the Othello Highschool choir, a short presentation by an inspirational guest speaker and for the hostesses – an opportunity to bring out their best china!

A huge shout out to all those who helped make the evening a success and thank you to my friend Janell for inviting me to join her at her table! I am looking forward to next years event!


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