Othello Ironworks

Ironworks Cafe & Market

It’s a quiet Saturday morning, you’ve had a crazy week and what you could really use is a moment to clear your mind over a latte with a good friend.  You shoot her a text and within the hour your both relaxing in comfy chairs in the corner of a little cafe, steaming mugs of delicious goodness in hands, the aroma of coffee and the hum of fellow cafe-goers in the air!  
Now imagine there was no such place in your town.  Imagine you had to drive at least thirty minutes to find such a place!  This would be far beyond less than ideal in my world and until just one month ago this was my reality! Ok, ok… sure there are worse things in the world, but come on – no place to go meet up with a friend over a cup of coffee, not cool!  P.S. McDonald’s does not count as such a place!

It’s been a month now since the opening of the Ironworks Cafe & Market in the small rural town of Othello and what a gem this place has already proven to be!  So much heart and soul has been poured into the old welding shop-turned-cafe, with many pieces having been repurposed into furniture pieces, lighting and decor.  I could go on and on about all the great things I have already fallen in love with at this place such as the Butternut Squash Soup, the small-town friendly atmosphere, the fact that there’s a drive-thru for those times when my little toddler is fast asleep in the car and I really can’t afford to actually pop into the store or the super healthy menu …

You really ought to just stop in and see for yourself the next time you’re looking for a great lunch date location or when you need that hot cup of java and maybe a scrumptious cinnamon roll made by a local mennonite lady – you truly will not be disappointed!

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  1. The pics are absolutely lovely and stunning!!! I work here, and thank you for the awesome critique!!! I was working the day you were there…It is a truly wonderful blessing for O-town!!!

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