Gesa Carrousel of Dreams

Gesa Carousel of Dreams

It’s only the middle of March and already we’ve had all kinds of beautiful sun-shiny days in which you just want to be outside getting things done!  This week-end we had a couple of rainy days, so we took advantage and headed out the door to go check out the Gesa Carousel of Dreams! 
I couldn’t imagine living any other lifestyle but the one we have right here on the dairy farm.  It’s a huge blessing to get to raise dairy cows for a living, to live at our job without feeling like it’s a job.  But, at the same time, there’s always something to do around the farm and we find we don’t very often leave unless we have to!  So with all this beautiful weather we’ve been having we really haven’t left home for much more than groceries, but this rainy Sunday afternoon we thought – let’s take Nate out for some different kind of fun and go see what this Gesa Carousel of Dreams is all about?!

What a wonderfully cool place this is for children!  And for parents really, because you won’t get bigger smiles out of your children like the one’s they give you as they go round and round and round on the carousel riding some giant steed (or cougar)!

The history behind this particular carousel is something worth mentioning as well as it is over 100 years old!  Originally this carousel gave entertainment to thousands over the course of nearly sixty-five years at the Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph, Michigan.  It was then purchased by a lady from New Mexico, where it sat idle until it was discovered and moved to the City of Kennewick!  It has had some work done to the carousel, giving it some Eastern Washington character with the addition of a Cougar and each rounding board features scenery from our side of the mountain!

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