and just like that life was different all over again

It’s funny how life goes.  You think you got it all figured out.  You get your days and weeks all planned out, trying to stay organized and in control.  But it doesn’t always go according to THE plan!

When Chris and I both agreed we were ready to start trying for baby number two, I had done the math – if we got pregnant in April we would have our baby early in the new year and then we could do this and this and that.  April came around and soon to follow was a positive pregnancy test.  Things were great!  And then we miss-carried.  Oh.  Not so great, not so great at all.  This didn’t fit with my schedule.  Of course there was a whole lot of other emotions and the fact that “my plan” didn’t work out really didn’t bother me, the point is that we plan for things but life doesn’t always go that way….

Anyways, we were very much blessed with another positive pregnancy test shortly thereafter, followed by a very healthy pregnancy with morning sickness, cravings, heartburn and the works!  As our third trimester came to an end we had to make a choice.  V-Back or Repeat C-Section.  We opted for the repeat.  Again, so we could work out a “plan.”  This baby was going to arrive on our terms so as not to disrupt our dairying lifestyle.

It was the Tuesday before our due date, the day before April Fools (a Wednesday) and two days before our scheduled surgery.  We had our weekly doctors appointment that afternoon.  Chris and I were at home, enjoying our lunch with Nate, just like any other day when Mr. Nate discovered a piece of styrofoam on the floor, leftover from some baby item packaging of some sort.  He had the piece in his hand and it was getting dangerously close to his nose.  At this point I was the size of an elephant and getting up quickly off the couch was an activity of the past, so grabbing the little piece from Nate was out of the question.  “Nate, don’t put that in your nose ok – you’ll get big ouchies.”  “Ok, Mommy.”

And there it went, right up his right nostril.  And as quickly as it went up his nose he screamed in a panic upon realizing that it really didn’t feel nice and it really was stuck!

At least we were going to the doctor’s office anyway right?!  So as I went to my 2:30pm appointment with our ob-gyn, Chris took Nate to the family doc to deal with Nate and his nose and we met back in the middle, Chris telling me all about what a champ Nate was.  “So, how was your appointment?”  He says.  “Well we need to take Nate back home and then come back to the hospital, we’re having a baby today!”

Again, this was not how we had it planned, now we had to scramble to make sure we had someone to take care of Nate and someone to feed the calves and someone to help Chris’s dad with chores – this was happening exactly AT chore time, not a good time to run off to have a baby, right?!

But, like it usually always goes, it all worked out and at 5:07pm on the 31st of March we finally got to meet our newest addition to our family!!  Elijah Jacob Baginski weighed in at 8 lbs and 3oz and 19 inches long.  His lungs were in complete working order and he amazed the entire Othello Hospital staff with his full head of beautiful blond hair!  A first for this community, I think!  We are completely in love with Baby Eli – or as Nate likes to call him “Baby-Brother-He’s-So-Cute” and are adapting to this new and little bit different life quite nicely!  Even Nate has taken to him – except for when the crying reaches undiscovered decibels!

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