Baby Ella Louise

I just love this name, don’t you?  I think her name rings with elegance and classiness.  And then I got to spend some time with Baby Ella Louise and her mamma today and this little darling is already living up to her name at only 14 days old young !  
It seems to me that at only 14 days young Baby E has already figured that sleeping is mostly for night time … or she was just too darn curious to have any time for any serious napping while at this photo session!  We did catch her with a few moments of shut eye, but for the most part this little lady was eyes wide open – which just meant more time for us to stare into her precious little eyes!

And what of these cute little head pieces?  If you are local to Othello WA you can find similar pieces right here in town as they are handmade locally and can be purchased at Artful Living!

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