Cake Smash Fun for Elijah who turns One!

It started out as this adorable little treat, perfect for a little baby boy with a love for all things that go “vroom vroom” and even more perfect for a little baby boy who loves the feeling of something gooey and messy under his nails and in between his little chubby fingers and it was even more perfect than that for a little baby boy who loves the taste of chocolate on his lips.  But it was most perfect for a little baby boy who was about to celebrate his first birthday! 

Watching my baby boy grow from baby to the early stages of toddlerhood over the past year has been such a great blessing!  This little  blonde heart breaker of ours is a smiling machine – so long as his tummy is full….and boy does he love to eat!  Elijah adores his bigger brother, he’s fascinated by the calves and the dogs around the farm, the tupperware lid drawer and the bathtub are both his favorite places to play.  He refuses to say mamma or mommy or anything that sounds sort of like he wants his mother, it’s all about daddy for this kid!  He’s mastered the crawl, the bear crawl and so long as his little hands are holding onto something he’ll walk anywhere!
We wish you the happiest of happy birthdays little Eli and can’t wait to see you learn and grow as you head towards the terrible twos!

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