From baby to toddler all in a days work!

Growing up is typically a process and it happens over time, not over night.  As we watch our children grow we witness the new developments daily and sometimes it’s such a slow process that we barely recognize it happening.  Every once in a while we might have to be away from our babies for an extended period of time (like over a weekend or a week at the most) and then when we return home it seems like they’ve changed radically.  We expect it to happen, we’re happy that these things happen and since they generally happen slowly, the change isn’t all that overwhelming!  
My husband and I finally decided it was time for our one year old to get his first hair cut.  So I made the appointment for a Friday afternoon and off we went, me with my camera in hand to document this new experience for Eli.  I wish someone would have warned me that all in the space of this impending 15 minute haircut Eli would transition from baby to toddler.  My heart cried as I watched those blonde baby curls fall away to the floor! My little baby Eli magically turned into a toddler right before my eyes!!

Just a week before we decided to chop all his hair off, Eli was toying with the idea of walking without the safety of holding onto his little toy train.  It was as though he saw his reflection in the mirror and thought “I’m not a baby anymore.”  It seemed that as soon as we got back home he began walking everywhere, abandoning his endearing little bear crawl that he had been doing up until this moment!

So, you know that saying “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it because they grow up so fast”?  I wasn’t blinking, I was eyes wide open and still I feel like I missed something because seriously, how did this bittersweet moment happen so quickly?!

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