Watching Your Friends’ Kids Grow Up.

In my limited experience of raising my own children, I am quickly learning what a blessing and what a huge responsibility it really is.  From the time they are little babies, all we have to do is keep them fed, clean and safe.  Then they get older, they learn words and communicate with more than just a cry.  How we live our lives and treat people and life becomes the primary example for these inquisitive little minds.  You just pray that they turn out all right and that your friends enjoy being around your kids as much as they do with you.

This past month I have had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with one of my very best friends’ daughter, who is a senior this year.  I already knew she was a good, hard working, determined young lady just from being around her and her family on many other occasions, but there was something so much more special in getting to capture some photographs of her in these senior portrait sessions!  Of course, she is all grown up – but seriously – what happened to the twelve year old girl I feel like I just met not so long ago!
Now she’s filling her days perfecting her skills on the basketball court, taking on team captain roles, applying to colleges, snap chatting boys, driving her little sister around in her very own car and taking the world on in full force!  I am so proud of you already Mieke and will continue rooting for you from where I am sitting!

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