When the fog lifts…

Sometimes the best times are the ones that aren’t really planned!  Like when you randomly decide that maybe you should go on a road trip to visit some family and if the weather is favorable maybe you could take a few photos for them.  A little bit of texting back and forth a couple days ahead of time and co-ordinating some work schedules and I was heading to Salem OR with my four year old and a six week old baby.  
The sun wasn’t making any promises that week-end, rain was in the forecast but we thought – let’s do some photos and if it rains we’ll go in the barn or round up a couple of umbrellas.  So when we got up on Friday morning to a world full of fog, there really wasn’t any feelings of stress because you get what you get and there isn’t anything you can do about it! But, how excited was I when everyone was all dressed up and ready to go and the fog lifted and the sun poked thru?!  There really are no words! I almost think that even the kids were excited because they were all smiles and charm as well <insert happy dance>!

Since I had Nate with me we thru him in on some of our session as well, the poor kid was feeling left out and bribing him with games on his leapfrog just wasn’t working.  Thank goodness for tire swings tho!

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