Ladies Christmas Tea 2016

I love traditions.  Three years ago I moved to Othello and have been blessed to be a part of a really special tradition, the Ladies Christmas Tea.  Since the 1980’s the Othello Church of the Nazarene has hosted the Ladies Christmas Tea.  It’s such a fun opportunity for women to bring out their fanciest china, get creative and decorate a table without having to cook up a meal or do the dishes when the party’s over! 

You can ask any of the attendees at this years Tea and I’m certain they will all tell you this years event was a success!  The tables were beautiful, the food and service was great and the guest speaker delivered a wonderfully encouraging message!

I even had an opportunity to host a table myself, using my husband’s great grand-mother’s china.  Once I had my table all set up and decorated I went around photographing some of the tables that were all set up and do you think I remembered to take a photograph of my own table?  Nope! Darn it! Totally forgot to snap a quick pic of my own table … guess I’ll have to host a table again next year!  Now that I’ve got one year under my belt and know what to expect as far as hosting a table goes it really should be easy.  Coming up with a centerpiece was actually kind of fun.  A little bit stressful, but mostly fun!  Since I don’t have a photo to show you what I came up with I’ll describe it to you.  My china was a very simple white plate with a nice gold edge so I used a slightly bigger white dinner plate that had a nice one inch gold design around the edge as my presentation plate.  I found some nice cloth napkins at Pier1 that were cream colored with a nice gold square pattern on it.  I also found these super cute napkin rings at Pier1 (I did take a picture of those!)  My centerpiece consisted of 3 vases.  The first vase was tall and gold and I found some red hydrangeas and some taller golden pieces of grass to go in the center (there’s a pic of this as well).  Then I used to shorter clear glass vases that I filled with some gold wire balls and some red ornaments.  I also had some fun white and shimmery gold battery operated candles – super cute.  Darn it! I’m so mad at myself for not taking a pic of the whole table!  LOL!

I had a chance to take some photos for some of the guests and hostesses at the Tea as well!  Take a look!

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