Frosted Beauty

I grew up in South-Western Ontario, a part of Canada that could get some fiercely amazing snow storms and sub-zero temperatures making for an incredibly long and frigid winter season.  It was all good though because we were sort of set up for it.  Our barns could very easily be buttoned up nice and tight, keeping all our cattle protected from the harshness of the elements.  Here in Othello it’s a little bit of a different story!  

Aside from our milking herd and our baby calves, everybody lives out under the open skies!  For the better part of the year this set up works great but this winter is doing a pretty good number on all of us!  The silver lining is in in the scenery, the happy dogs loving the snow and the frosted whiskers.  Well maybe not for the one who’s whiskers are frosted, but I think it looks cool!  The little bits of frost on the barbed wire along the fences looks neat too so I thought I’d try to get a neat up close shot.  I don’t own a great macro lens so was trying to make the best of what I had, guess I needed more coffee because my cheek got a little too close to the wire.  Needless to say, there was good juice running thru those wires!


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