the rest of the family is get’n hitched

When I left Ontario to move to Othello with my husband I left behind three brothers, a sister and two sister in-laws (and my parents).  Since then the family has grown, I’ve gained two rambunctious nephews, a spunky little niece and another little niece or nephew en route.  My sister found herself a man and is engaged to be married AND my brother found himself a sweet lil something and is engaged to be married!  All in the space of four years.  
Distance does make getting to know the newbies to the group a bit challenging in spite of Skype and text messaging and all the other amazing methods technology provides for us.  So when the opportunity arises for some good old fashioned face to face visiting we do what we can to make the most of it!  We just spent the last eight days with my brother Wally and his beautiful new fiancé!  I could not be any happier for these two and look forward to watching their adventures together unfold!

They didn’t visit the Columbia Basin when at it’s finest – we were hit hard with snow, ice rain, cold wind, more snow and even more cold wind.  But the sun did come out once or twice and we stole away twenty minutes for a super high speed engagement session in a very cold and lonely apple orchard.  I thought Josien looked super cute in her outfit and what a tough little cookie she is … that’s sheer fabric and it was something like 15 degrees FAHRENHEIT!! I wished we could have done an actual engagement session, but I think in the twenty minutes time that we did take we were able to capture the gist of their relationship.  They’re adorable together.  They love each other.  They’re getting married.  He’s one very lucky guy.  The end 🙂

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