Nine months down the road to Slowly Going Crazy!

There are two things I always challenge myself to avoid talking about: the weather and the speed of time.  It’s something we all have in common and it’s so incredibly boring.  So we’ll get those two out of the way real quick.  Today we had a beautiful sunny day, the wind blew and the dust flew but looking at my images from today you’d never know it.  And as for time, well our darling, sweet baby girl is nearing her 9th month of blessing us with her giggles and easy going disposition and I have no idea how it’s already been this long.  Seriously, where has the time gone?!

Chris and I have been reading this daily morning devotional and just the other morning the message was titled “Slow down, you Age fast enough” and the timing of it all couldn’t have been more perfect.  You see, just this week I came to the horrid realization that I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m Slowly (well really actually it’s Quickly) Going Crazy!  I remember when I was just a little kid and my mom would call out all my brothers and sister’s names and then she’d finally call me and I thought “geez mom what is your deal, you can’t even remember my name!?” or she’d say she was going to do something for me and then it wouldn’t happen and she would just brush it off that she forgot and I thought “geez mom, I’m NEVER going to forget what my kids want”  Sometimes I thought she was going a little loco – PS this is a good way to test if she reads my blog – Well, it must be payback time or it’s just the cycle of life because here we are.  This week I’ve caught myself calling my daughter by my sister’s name, my son by the dog’s name.  And the one that really got me – I had made plans to stay in Seattle on Tuesday night, the night before my flight out of Seattle.  My friend was going to meet me at the hotel and take my car for the week and it was this beautiful plan that was all just going to click right along.  Until I got on the phone with my mom, she started questioning my plans as she gently tried to tell me that Tuesday night was not the night before my flight because “Janice, isn’t your flight on Thursday not Wednesday.”  Well yes, she was right so now I’m feeling rather … in shock that this is what my brain is turning into! Ohmygosh! Then I get a phone call for confirmation for an event only to realize I booked the event in the wrong month! Lord, help me! LOL! What is happening!

But now I’ve gained an extra day this week and managed to squeeze in this long overdue photo session with my little Peyton – I’ve photographed all of my babies in a tub when they reached the sitting up stage because there’s something about a little naked baby in water playing with bubbles and rubber ducks … or elephants!  Peyton is a week from turning 9 months old, she’s been sitting up for at least two months and here we are – squeezing this session in before she takes off and runs on me!
Lately, I feel as though my brain is going a million miles a minute, my kids are in a huge hurry to be all grown up, the snow melts and the tulips are budding and the next thing you know there’s tiny apples on the trees and corn popping up in rows and their bringing in second cut hay and the dairy heifers I wanted to halter break for the fair before they got too big are way too big, the jeans I bought for Nate just the other day are already high waters on him and no sooner you’re congratulating your friend on getting into college she’s sending you an invite to her graduation party.  Life sure is a beautiful journey and people will always tell you to “enjoy the ride,” “stop and smell the roses,” “take in the sunsets” and “count your blessings.”  And I do.  Most of the time.  But sometimes you get those moments that you think “Woah!” I might be Slowly Going Crazy but isn’t it such a crazy beautiful thing?!


Nate @ 7 Months


Eli @ 7.5 Months


Peyton @ 9 Months

3 thoughts on “Nine months down the road to Slowly Going Crazy!

  1. Love you Janice welcome to whirl wind of motherhood. I absolutely love your stories they are always beautifully written.

  2. Love the photos. Nate looks like he is ready to burst out of the tub. Eli has this astonished look of “isn’t the world amazing”, while Peyton just looks so serious and thoughtful! Three different personalities for sure! Keep writing!! Love that, too.

  3. Love the photos! Nate looks like he is ready to leap out of the tub. Eli has this astonished “isn’t life beautiful” expression, while Peyton looks so serious and thoughtful. All three have such different personalities!
    Keep up the story telling!!
    Miss you guys up there!

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