“I need to be able to remember…”

Mom, I need to be able to remember my childhood…

I grew up with my mom and dad and three brothers and a sister. All of our extended family lived over-seas so most of what we knew about our family was thru letters and photographs. Anytime we would get to go to Europe to visit there was always a camera in somebody’s hand. Anytime family would come to Canada to visit us there was a camera in somebody’s hand. My mom who; farmed with my dad, managed the household and kept a large garden somehow also found the time to organize all of these photographs and she had made photo albums for each of her five kids. These weren’t just a drag and drop your images and hit the check-out button and ten days later the album is waiting at the post office for you. This was serious business. Developing film, cutting and pasting, strategically placing and removing and re-glueing and letting pages dry and re-ordering from sorted negatives and purchasing album refills and so on and so on. Now as an adult, every once in awhile I’ll sit down with my own children and share some of the memories in those albums with them.

This morning I was just tidying up after photographing a newborn session and Nate came running into the house. He questioned why someone would come and have their baby photographed so I explained to him that photographs are a great way to remember our past, our growing up years and so on. He disappeared and came back dressed like a “cowboy.”

“Hey mom! Maybe you could take my picture outside looking like a cowboy.” I smiled at him, I didn’t want to go out – my to do list was a mile long. Then a little voice told me I needed to take advantage of the little guy wanting to have his photo taken. So we headed out the door.
As we wandered around the farm, going to all the places Nate wanted to go, he looked up at me and said, “Mom, I need to be able to remember my childhood. Like when I go to college and my brain is full of learning new things I might forget about all the good memories and how I wanted to be a cowboy. That’s why I need you to take these pictures. Maybe you could make me a photo album. Also mom, maybe you could post this on the internet.”

So here we are. Capturing Nate’s happy childhood moment of wanting to be a cowboy, in the event that he forgets about this when he’s in college. And we have posted it on the internet – should the internet still exist when he’s in college. I’ll be sure to work on that photo album as well … after all, it’s so much easier to do these days then it was when my mom was busy making albums for our memories!

Western Jersey Junior Spring Show 2017

One of the neatest little dairy show events has to be the Western Jersey Junior Spring Show!  My husband was invited to judge this show back in May and he asked for myself and our 3 children to join him for the trip to Canby OR.  Continue reading

Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge 2017

This weekend we took part in our 4th Annual Columbia Basin Fitting and Showing Challenge.  Each year we set out on a mission to teach kids how to properly fit and show their 4H or FFA dairy projects.  It’s a day and a half event packed with washing, clipping, showing, learning, meeting new people and for many kids stepping out of their comfort zones and pushing themselves to be better than they were the year before!  Each year that we have put this on has been so different, but this year has been my favorite by far!   Continue reading

You’re gunna miss this!

This past weekend my husband and I packed up our three kids and headed over the mountain for the annual Washington State Holstein Convention.   This year’s event was held at the Bellevue Hyatt, a gorgeous hotel, located in the midst of a tonne of amazing places to dine and shop.  Anyone who knows which hotel I’m talking about, knows that it’s a place frequented by people in fancy cars, holding fancy job titles, who live fancy lifestyles.  So basically not really people like us.  Had we made the trip without our darling little bambinos we might have stood a chance at blending in!  But then again I wouldn’t have a story to tell either. Continue reading

Frosted Beauty

I grew up in South-Western Ontario, a part of Canada that could get some fiercely amazing snow storms and sub-zero temperatures making for an incredibly long and frigid winter season.  It was all good though because we were sort of set up for it.  Our barns could very easily be buttoned up nice and tight, keeping all our cattle protected from the harshness of the elements.  Here in Othello it’s a little bit of a different story!   Continue reading

When the fog lifts…

Sometimes the best times are the ones that aren’t really planned!  Like when you randomly decide that maybe you should go on a road trip to visit some family and if the weather is favorable maybe you could take a few photos for them.  A little bit of texting back and forth a couple days ahead of time and co-ordinating some work schedules and I was heading to Salem OR with my four year old and a six week old baby.   Continue reading

3rd Annual Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge in the books!

Three years ago, my friend Jackie, my husband Chris and myself started a little event to teach the dairy 4H & FFA kids in our area how to fit and show their dairy projects.  It was a very long one day event that saw about twenty kids leave full of enthusiasm and joy.  Even we left the fairgrounds that day feeling completely satisfied and thrilled at what a success it turned out to be!  So we thought we would do it again, but make it last a little longer, round up some even better prizes and try to cram even more information into the eager minds that would attend.  Once again, a huge success, with even more kids in attendance and the coolest part was seeing the improvements that kids from the previous year had made!  So going for year three was a no brainer!  Continue reading

Our Adventures at the Washington State B&W Show

My world collided into one named ‘Bags’ in the summer of 2006 at a fancy dairy show cow function and nearly six years after attending more of these fancy dairy show cow functions together we wound up getting hitched.  So it seemed fitting that we would spend our third anniversary heading for another one of these events!  Continue reading

columbia basin fitting and showing challenge 2015

Another Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge in the books!

A passion for dairy cattle and a desire to teach 4-H and FFA kids the art of showing dairy heifers led us to starting the Columbia Basin Fitting and Showing Challenge a year ago. It was a one day event for kids to come out to the Grant County Fairgrounds and learn how to wash, clip (fit) and show their heifers and it turned out to be far more successful than we imagined!  So we thought we’d do it again, only making it bigger and better! Continue reading

Life lessons in Showmanship

Hard work, determination, focus, setting goals and shooting for the stars, patience, team work, persistence and sportsmanship…these are just a few of the things I learned from participating in 4H as a kid and its the same things that kids are learning today. Continue reading