Western Jersey Junior Spring Show 2017

One of the neatest little dairy show events has to be the Western Jersey Junior Spring Show!  My husband was invited to judge this show back in May and he asked for myself and our 3 children to join him for the trip to Canby OR.  Continue reading

Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge 2017

This weekend we took part in our 4th Annual Columbia Basin Fitting and Showing Challenge.  Each year we set out on a mission to teach kids how to properly fit and show their 4H or FFA dairy projects.  It’s a day and a half event packed with washing, clipping, showing, learning, meeting new people and for many kids stepping out of their comfort zones and pushing themselves to be better than they were the year before!  Each year that we have put this on has been so different, but this year has been my favorite by far!   Continue reading

Frosted Beauty

I grew up in South-Western Ontario, a part of Canada that could get some fiercely amazing snow storms and sub-zero temperatures making for an incredibly long and frigid winter season.  It was all good though because we were sort of set up for it.  Our barns could very easily be buttoned up nice and tight, keeping all our cattle protected from the harshness of the elements.  Here in Othello it’s a little bit of a different story!   Continue reading

3rd Annual Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge in the books!

Three years ago, my friend Jackie, my husband Chris and myself started a little event to teach the dairy 4H & FFA kids in our area how to fit and show their dairy projects.  It was a very long one day event that saw about twenty kids leave full of enthusiasm and joy.  Even we left the fairgrounds that day feeling completely satisfied and thrilled at what a success it turned out to be!  So we thought we would do it again, but make it last a little longer, round up some even better prizes and try to cram even more information into the eager minds that would attend.  Once again, a huge success, with even more kids in attendance and the coolest part was seeing the improvements that kids from the previous year had made!  So going for year three was a no brainer!  Continue reading

Columbia Basin Clipping & Showing Challenge 2014

1st Annual Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge 2014

In an effort to increase the interest level for showing dairy heifers in 4-H in the Columbia Basin my good friend Jackie Ruppard, my husband Chris and myself set out on a mission to organize a full day of clipping, washing, feeding and showing demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities. Continue reading

Springing into Summer!

Growing up in the world of Agriculture has been one of the greatest blessings in my life!  So many opportunities have come my way, I’ve met so many wonderful people – including the love of my life 😉 – this lifestyle has truly defined who I am as a mother, a wife and a member of society.  Living in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington has exposed me to so many other facets of Agriculture than I ever have been exposed to in my life and I’m going to make it one of my missions through photography to share with you what this great land has to offer! Continue reading

99 Years of Tradition

99 Years of Tradition

I had the opportunity to cover a Dairy Show in Richmond Utah this past week.  I’ve always loved going to these events, working with great cattle and people and always doing my best to capture some fun images! Continue reading