Nine months down the road to Slowly Going Crazy!

There are two things I always challenge myself to avoid talking about: the weather and the speed of time.  It’s something we all have in common and it’s so incredibly boring.  So we’ll get those two out of the way real quick.  Today we had a beautiful sunny day, the wind blew and the dust flew but looking at my images from today you’d never know it.  And as for time, well our darling, sweet baby girl is nearing her 9th month of blessing us with her giggles and easy going disposition and I have no idea how it’s already been this long.  Seriously, where has the time gone?! Continue reading

Columbia Basin Clipping & Showing Challenge 2014

1st Annual Columbia Basin Fitting & Showing Challenge 2014

In an effort to increase the interest level for showing dairy heifers in 4-H in the Columbia Basin my good friend Jackie Ruppard, my husband Chris and myself set out on a mission to organize a full day of clipping, washing, feeding and showing demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities. Continue reading

99 Years of Tradition

99 Years of Tradition

I had the opportunity to cover a Dairy Show in Richmond Utah this past week.  I’ve always loved going to these events, working with great cattle and people and always doing my best to capture some fun images! Continue reading