When the fog lifts…

Sometimes the best times are the ones that aren’t really planned!  Like when you randomly decide that maybe you should go on a road trip to visit some family and if the weather is favorable maybe you could take a few photos for them.  A little bit of texting back and forth a couple days ahead of time and co-ordinating some work schedules and I was heading to Salem OR with my four year old and a six week old baby.   Continue reading

a little trick or treating fun

Nate had no idea what was going on and really was not interested in dressing up as a lion but I selfishly saw this as an excellent photo opportunity so the little guy was just going to have to “suck it up!” Continue reading

nothing more amazing than summer nights spent with family

My most favorite memories from growing are those hot summer nights, when everyone is done their work for the day and we would just spend time in each other’s company, goofing around, shooting the breeze and enjoying being able to just be ourselves!  Now as a photographer, I just love getting to freeze some of those moments for other families.   Continue reading

meet the Hawleys

One of the best things about living in the desert is that nearly every evening is a Photographers Dream come True!  Since the middle of April we have enjoyed gorgeous sunsets and that hour before the sun says good night makes for the most amazing lighting! Continue reading