Baby Ella Louise

I just love this name, don’t you?  I think her name rings with elegance and classiness.  And then I got to spend some time with Baby Ella Louise and her mamma today and this little darling is already living up to her name at only 14 days old young !   Continue reading

Baby Mateo

Happiness is the smell and little grunts of a newborn baby.  Happiness is snuggling and watching the little faces of a newborn baby.  Happiness is seeing the joy in a new parents eyes as they love on their little newborn baby.  Happiness came into my little studio space a few days ago and gave me the opportunity to photograph all that it entails! Take a look at a few images from Baby Mateo’s session.   Continue reading

Baby Olivia Faith

Baby Olivia Faith

Little Olivia Faith introduced my baby brother and his wife to parenthood, she’s the first granddaughter for both sets of her grandparents and she’s the first baby to bring out my eighteen month old’s jealous side – which was actually quite comical! I was fortunate to be able to head back east to visit, snuggle, cuddle and photograph this perfect little doll.  Looking at these photos make me miss her so much and I can’t wait to see her again!  Continue reading